Internet broadcast ˚∆˚ Simultaneous radio transmission ˚∆˚ public projections?! 


( where ever// what ever )
Dedicated to broadcasting internet performances back to


---physical space---
creatively with social distance

We invite you=- our talented pals from all over the world to preform in our metaphorical "basement" venue, 
face your projectors onto your curtains. 

broadcast our stream onto FM, AM, CB, HAM

or whatever.
we will map the locations below.
 Welcome. Watch. Chat. Broadcast.

Square. Practical. Good.  

93.1FM east hill vernon bc


This is our new reality.​

Dedicated to streaming and rebroadcasting internet performace into physical space any way we can. We host simultaneous broadcasts from internet to pirate radio to public projections all mapped below. We are encouraging anyone that wants to participate to get it touch. We encourage you to take our stream and project it onto the windows of your home, broadcast from your transmitters and sign up to perform.