​​Gambletron’s most release with NAISA’s DEEP WIRELESS 15:: an online album // one of eight artists featured including Martine Rodriguez, A-J Cornell and Christof Migon:: 2016 live performance recording:: Gambletron-Coppice: Multi-tonal AM Radio Theremin with Transmission - Visuals by Johnny Forever Nawracaj. Performance curated by Darren Copeland @ NAISA

Gambletron is a queer non-binary noise artist that uses FM transmission and tiny synths to create dance-y, beat-heavy electronic noise. They have been on the experimental music scene for at least 10 years now and are based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  They are often found playing their set transmitted through a giant pile of boomboxes.  They also play affected doomy electronic musical saw.

Gambletron has a real hard time releasing solo albums. Their live sets are entirely improvised and are a deep believer in letting moments live and letting moments go. A studio album is on route, they are currently remixing past live sets into something new.

Gambletron has toured solo for years in the usa, canada and Europe. They are also prominent in the art world as their dirty dance noise is often worked into more involved and elaborate performance art pieces and collaborations.  Lately, they have been building stand-alone sound art sculptures. They are known for inventing and hosting NOISE KARAOKE, they created a multi-tonal AM radio theremin and often performed with it using their musical saw, they did a series of transmission performance pieces call FIELD TRIP.   All these more bizarre artful projects can be visited in Gambletron’s ART section of this website.

Gambletron has a few small releases and has collaborated with various artists re-mixing their content as well as composed music for live performance, theatre and film.

Gambletron is also a multi instrumentalist who plays synth, musical saw, drums and various other instruments in a variety of live touring musical projects. They have been a member of projects on Constellation Records in Montreal. Their current touring band is an 11 piece musicology project called Orkestar Kriminal that interprets pre-1930’s public domain songs with criminal themes. 

Musical Projects Include:




A Gambletron classic, demonstrating their playful, rhythmic style, woven from the messy, beautiful auditory of queer night life scenes, the raw depths of classic noise, and a cosy web of artistic idiosyncrasies.

A track made for a performance by Jordan Arseneault featuring video by and Johnny Forever Nawracaj. Arseneault's drag performance took place winter 2014 at Sala Rosa for an event for Studio 303 and was Arseneault's critique of then minister of health, Rona Ambrose who was announcing a redistribution of HIV/AIDS research funding- during a time when community-led harm reduction strategies were seeing massive resistance from Ambrose and her party.


2024  Orkestar Kriminal, Originali. CPL-Music                                     2021  Deep Wireless 15, Coppice: multi-tonal AM radio Theremin. NAISA 
 2019  Black Conflux, Soundtrack. Independent
 2018  Orkestar Kriminal, Ryobra. Coax Records
 2017  The Last Walk, Soundtrack. Pipaluk K Jørgensen & Mikisoq H Lynge
 2016  Radius Episode 5, Ether Underground. Radius Chicago
 2016  Gambletron, Transperens. Idle Chatter/Fabrica Records
 2016  Nive Nielsen, Feet First. Glitterhouse Records
 2015  Orkestar Kriminal, Tummel. Independent/Sainte Cécile
 2013  Orkestar Kriminal/ Zontani! L’bin! Levende! Independent                     2014  L’hiver Inconsolable, Soundtrack. Shayo Detchema
 2016  Gambletron, Transparens. Idle Chatter/ Fabrica Records
 2015  Charlyne Yi, Live From Hell. Folk Tail Records
 2015  Orkestar Kriminal, Tummel. Independant            
 2014  Orkestar Kriminal, Zontani! L’bin! Levende! Independant
 2014  Carla Bozulich, Boy. Constellation Records
 2014  Annabelle Chvostek, Be The Media. Independant
 2013  [walnut + locust], 10th anniversary Compilation. [walnut + locust]
 2012  Jeunesse Cosmique, Lévitation Compilation
 2012  Jen Reimer & Max Stein, Tunnel, Recording engineer. Independant
 2012  60x60 Compilation, Canada and Athena Mix. 60x60
 2012  Jen Reimer & Max Stein. Recording engineer. Noisy Kitchen
 2012  Gambletron. Noisy Kitchen
 2010  Greg Holden with Tony Berg. Zeitgeist Records
 2010  Matana Roberts, Coin Coin: Chapter One. Constellation Records
 2010  Clues, Endless Forever 7”, Constellation Records
 2009  Nive Nielsen, Nive Sings! Tuttu/MTP/Rough Trade Europe/Glitterhouse
 2009  Clues, Self Titled. Constellation Records
 2009  Evangelista, Prince of Truth. Constellation Records
 2007  Evangelista, Hello Voyager. Constellation Records
 2003  A Silver Mount Zion, This is Our Punk Rock Thee. Constellation records
 2002  Jordi Rosen, Madam Xavier. Scratch Records
 2000  Queen Size Shag, Mothers of Country Metal. Independent
 1999  Lisa Gamble, Girlfriend Action Coalition. Independent
 1998  La Jeune Fille et la Lune, CBC Radio Canada
 1998  Lisa Gamble, Tumbleweed. Independent
 1998  Queen Size Shag, Bitchy. Independent

A Tape release by Fabrica Records. Part of a box set curated by Wren Turco.