CIRCLES: Emanations Sephirot Transmission 

Victoriaville, Quebec 2017

Festival Music International Victoriaville  

A sculptural broadcast and performance platform taking the shape of a Kabbalistic structure revelatory of the infinite, this sculpture explores the evocation of totality that often occurs during improvisational performance.

An antenna situated in the centre of the space feeds a low power FM transmitter.  A signal from the transmitter was relayed to several radios placed in ten concentric circles. Sound will be broadcast into the installation from a roving radio station throughout the week, creating a sound piece sourced from interviews and interventions with improvisors participating at the festival.

Each Radio represents a line on the above Kabbalistic chart. This project hopes to redefine these 10 steps that bring us closer to the divine through the act of improvisation.

A more in depth description along with the interviews that were broadcast can be experienced here at the sculptureā€™s live blog:

Chapter one includes interviews with: Emilie Mouchous, Julie Richard, Shahzad Ismaily, and Nels Cline.