Field Trip 

Studio XX 2012, Suoni Per Il Popolo 2013

Field Trip is a project designed for taking the public on a sonic spacial explorations through the use of an FM transmitter/ synthesizer body suit. My body becomes a mobile radio station performance unit. The public was encouraged to show up with radios to tune in and hear what I’m doing. I led the audience through and to various locations. This is about taking over public space and public waves by utilizing simple technology. The more people the more radios the more sound.  The first performance took place in collaboration with Jen Reimer ( Max Stein ( and Adam Basanta ( They set up a related but separate sonic interaction in a secret tunnel (wellington tunnel) in Griffintown, Montreal. Through performance I led the group to the location though the subway system of Montreal and left them at the tunnel to experience the Tunnel music.

Gambletron’s Costume was designed, hand printed and sewn by artist Katie Jung. This photo was taken by Studio XX. The electronics were Gamble’s design.