Mixed motoris the sister sculpture to Forest Antenna. It was curated by Marcella Moser @ Spaceless.ca with artists Johnny Forever Nawracaj and photographer Zev Tiefenbach. It is a sculpture using found objects, radio transmission, antenna, wood, electronics, radios to create feedback between radio receivers and FM transmission through the magic of vibrating antennas and sheets of metal. In a way i would call this a junk-selfie.  A perfect conversation between two things that ultimately should be working together but when uniting in an unorthodox manner create friction. Welcome 2020. We were very lucky to have this art show as part of a residency at Caetani Art Centre in Vernon, BC despite the pandemic. As usual this sculpture is also used for the purpose of performance - it can be played by bringing the antennas to and from the metal. Also the effect changes when you play with the volume of each component and the transmitter.