Noise Karaoke  “together we interpret the hits”        

Gambletron, 2012- present, Canada, USA, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Netherlands, BelgiumNoise

Karaoke runs similarly to regular Karaoke only I play what I want using my electronic set up, synths etc. The person singing Karaoke has to re-interpret the hits using the karaoke lyrics as a guide singing whatever they want—how ever they want. The music I’ll create is noisy, abstract, experimental.  I might filter your voice to sound like a robot or a monster or a little tiny child.

Noise Karaoke is a fun experiment that continues to be an ongoing study and introduction to improvisation and collaboration.  This has been featured at Nuit Blanche RED BIRD STUDIOS 2011, Donau Festival 2012, Krems Austria, Struts Gallery 2016 Sackville NB. I’ve even toured this in culture houses through Sweden.  For a better more in-depth explanation check out this dedicated blog: